Return Policy

New shirt? Nice!

We really hope (know?) you’ll love your new Absence of Paper as much as we do, but just in case of an unforeseen circumstance, switch your, umm, personality, such that you will never need a white shirt, like, any awesome white shirt, ever, or...perhaps you insist on disposable shirts in lieu of doomsday or such similar house parties, then you do have 14 days from purchase to log your return request and send them back to us - no ght required.

Here’s how:

1. Please inform us by a pretty handwritten letter addressed to: Absence of Paper, Malone Souliers, Top Floor, 49 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4JR, UK or save a tree thingy and email us at Within 14 days of purchase. By day 15, we may need to, you know, talk.

2. Within 14 days of logging this unlikely refund request, please send your non-apocalypse appropriate shirt back to us at whatever address we specically provide to you after we get your handsome letter. Just so you know, in the circumstance that you have damaged your shirt (rock-climbing, break-dancing, or break-dancing while rock-climbing, etcetera) we reserve the right to feel like “No” about your return. So, please ensure you try on your new shirt on a soft, gentle surface, preferably indoors. Avoid tra c.

3. Our turn: we then issue you a full refund, including your shipping costs during the initial delivery, within 14 days of receiving your obviously awless pair back from you. Don’t forget to give us the details of your original payment method, which we do not store, because it’s important for us not to be creepy about your privacy.

Any questions, or if you want to talk about Drake: